Monday, October 24, 2011

Provision in Providence


I am sitting here, waiting for the Rangers to end the top of the 9th so I can go to bed! Something that is definitely taking getting used to about living on the East Coast is the tv schedule. It's almost midnight here, and I'm sleepy! Nick went to bed over an hour ago. But alas, I had to stay up for my Rangers. I might be the only person in Rhode Island cheering for them! ha. That may be an exaggeration. But probably not.

Today was fairly slow... Nick went to Boston for a meeting with Sojourn, and I painted our coffee table! Pics to come later.

[BOOOOM. 2 outs. Epic. One more and I am going to bed and Texas is one game away from winning the World Series for the first time EVER!]

Anyway, I wish there was a way to write down everything we are experiencing here in Providence. But moving to a new place is difficult to describe! There is so much I could say. We are loving the people and the weather here. The only things I have really missed about home thus far, besides people, are the State Fair and the Ranger games.  And then Baylor Homecoming is in two weeks, and I am so sad I am missing that.

Regardless, life in Lil Rhody is great! We really do love it here. We are still working on fundraising, though.  So if you or anyone you know wants to help tell college students in New England about Jesus' love, we could definitely use your help! We are about $500/month from what we need to meet our budget. If we could find 50 people to give $10... one meal out to eat... 2 Starbucks coffees... a month, we would be set! We have so many friends and family who are giving sacrificially, and we are so grateful! And we are resting in God's provision. We know He will provide and praise Him for that. So please pray for us and this!  And let us know if you or someone you know needs more information. You can also visit

Welp, it's over, Rangers win! Woot! Later, yall.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hello from Rhode Island!

Hello from Rhode Island! We are so so glad to finally be here. There will definitely be more updates as we get settled, but I wanted to fill yall in on the past week and a half.

We are starting to feel at home in our cozy apartment. Our furniture finally all fits and our pantry is full! Our walls are adorned with pictures of loved ones. We are definitely grateful for our new home!

The people at Northpointe have been incredible. We feel so welcomed. There is definitely a great community there that we are excited to become a part of.

Some snapshots of New England:

 New England hot dog buns! So awesome!

 I made this for a space under the bar, above the couch, out of paint chips and yarn.

 Lincoln State Park is right by our apartment... less than 5 miles away! It is so pretty! There were so many people throughout the park, walking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and kayaking...

We visited the park so that Nick could do some rock climbing... I was more just moral support. 

I will post more at another time. But I just wanted to update friends and family, and let you know that we are so grateful for yalls support. We are so excited to finally be out here and can't wait to share more!