Tuesday, June 5, 2012


We have a little tradition every Saturday now that it has gotten warm. There is a summer farmer's market down the road from where we live! Tons of local vendors and farmers come out with veggies, plants, pastries and bread, drinks, meat, fish, cheese, and eggs. It's in a big park, and so many people bring their kids and dogs to play. There is also live music, which is pretty cool. We have made it a habit to go every Saturday morning. This past week, we got a zucchini plant for our garden, some dried cranberries infused with pomegranate juice, and some apple butter.  Nick loves the apple butter on his toast, and I just eat it with a spoon.

We have another weekend tradition we hope will take place almost every week: The beach!! We live 30 miles from some pretty stellar beaches. Nick got a surf board for his birthday, which gives him something to do while I lay on the beach! Fun for all! I want to try surfing but I will wait until the water gets warmer.

Also, a mom at my work brought in sunflower seed butter from Trader Joe's yesterday, and it was DELICIOUS!! So you should try it for some non-peanut fun! :)