Thursday, June 30, 2011

love wins.

Today, I finished this:
It was quite the team effort. First, I drew out the words on paper until I had them how I liked them. I cut them out, and traced them onto the wood.

 Then, my lovely hubby used the saw to cut out the words. It took a while. He is diligent.

 The word "love" took a little more effort. For the l, o, and e, Nick had to drill holes before he could get the saw into the letters to take out the middles.

Then I sanded them down. And went outside to take a picture.
 Oh hey, I turned around to see my manly man building a fence.

Anyway, I then proceeded to glue the words to a canvas. I used hot glue but there probably is a better way.

On a slight side note, I spotted this lovely tomato growing in my Icee's garden while I was outside. I want to have a garden!

I recruited the hubster to spray paint for me. He did a fabulous job.

And I was left with this. I'm a fan. 

The wedding: Paper

To start, I figured it would be appropriate to begin with the save the dates, invitations, programs, etc. We made a very conscious effort to make these things simple and personal. And also cheap.

Save The Dates
My roommate, Rachel, gave me her secret for save the dates, and I am so so grateful. We used to create our save the date post cards. Vistaprint always has sales going on. And when I say always, I mean always. We got 200 postcards for free. All we had to pay was shipping! While I had always really liked the idea of magnet save the dates, I did not like the price. Not only were these free but still of good quality, but sending them out was cheaper too, since we only needed to buy post card stamps. I highly recommend this to any bride who is looking for a bargain. 

Wedding Invitations
 Invitations took a little more work. I had something envisioned, but was having trouble making it a reality. At first, I really wanted square invitations, but I decided against it, since it costs more to send square envelopes. I also really wanted these to be personal, not generic. I looked for packaged invitations, but never fell in love with any. So we decided to make our own.
My baby brother is an artist. He does lovely work, but is not too keen on drawing by request. So it took some bribing. He now has my iPod touch. But he did a lovely job. I created the invitation on Word, and then my lovely hubby to be printed them out on a cream/tan colored resume paper. And then we cropped. 
We decided to RSVP through email for a couple of reasons. First, it saves paper. Second, it saves money. 
I found some lovely envelopes at an office supply store that happened to be discounted. Oh my, was there much rejoicing that day. So finally we stuffed, sealed, stamped, and sent those suckers out. 

Bridesmaid Brunch Invitations
I asked my other little brother to create an invitation that I could send out to my wedding party for our Friday morning get together. He is talented, too. 

Rehearsal Coffee Invitations
I asked the same little brother to do a rehearsal invitation, as well. These were also printed onto cream resume paper and then cropped. (Personal addresses have been blurred... it didn't actually look like that. ha)

Personally, I find programs to be a waste of paper. Most people don't save them, so hundreds of papers get thrown out after the wedding. So, I decided to do something different. Instead of handing out programs, we made a slideshow. Everyone involved, including musicians and photographers were included. I put their full names, how we knew them, their role in the wedding, and then a couple of pictures.  The slideshow ran on a loop for thirty minutes before the wedding actually began. I never saw it while it was going, but I heard it served its purpose. 

Well, I think that just about covers everything in this category. I wish we had kept all of the prices we spent on everything so I could know exactly, but we didn't. But for all paper products of this nature, I would say that we spent less than $200. Which isn't half bad.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The wedding: Introduction

I am going to start a series on our wedding! I am really excited about this, and I hope our lovely readers will enjoy reading about our day!

The entire wedding was basically a giant diy project, which was super fun and also super cheap. :) I hope that perhaps these "notes" can be a service to others planning weddings. Or, at least, it will be a nice way for me to look back on our wedding day.

As a preview, some pictures.

 (photo by Meredith Bacon)
 (photo by Meredith Bacon)
 (photo by Meredith Bacon)
 (photo by Meredith Bacon)
(photo by Meredith Bacon)
 (photo by Bryce Hamilton)
 (photo by Bryce Hamilton)
(photo by Bryce Hamilton)

Can't wait to share more!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

free music? yes please!

 If you like Regina Spektor, you should go HERE and download Brooke Waggoner's album FO FREE!!! NoiseTrade is the best! And I am loving Brooke Waggoner's sound.

If you have never heard of Regina Spektor, then you should go HERE and download Brooke Waggoner's album FO FREE!! And then you should go HERE and introduce yourself to Regina Spektor and just eat your heart out because she is so lovely.

a jigsaw is a girl's best friend

We have been exploring the world of carpentry here at the Jensen/Purdy residence. It's been a pretty exciting time. Reason #3402 why I love my hubby: He is my partner in crime and crafting.

The other day, I had a strong urge to make some wooden letters. So, we got out the wood and the jigsaw.  I drew the letters out how I wanted them, and he cut them out with the saw.  Then I sanded them down and erased the pencil marks.
Nick did such a lovely job, I was so thrilled. He followed the lines exactly, which I think is so fun, because it looks like my handwriting! Then, I had to decide on a color... I tried out a couple on the back of the h. And then I painted.
I really like the color, I think they will go well in our living room. I wanted something happy and sunshiney.  I plan on adding some ribbon to the back to hang them later on.  I have also thought about picking out a stamp and making a pattern in a slightly darker yellow.  Any suggestions?

On a side note, I spotted this guy hanging out when I went out to take a picture of the painted letters. Bugs like this make me wonder what would happen if I touch them. Would it hurt? Or just feel fuzzy?

Peace, love, and jigsaws.

Because sometimes, I need this reminder...

"You are my shepherd in the wilderness, whom shall I fear? You are the God who goes before me, my rock and my shield. In trouble times, You will provide, and I shall not want..."

Monday, June 27, 2011

Pray for Southern Sudan

One of my dear friends and roommates is currently living in Southern Sudan with the International Mission Board Journeyman program. You can follow her adventure at
She and her team have asked us to join with her in prayer this week for the people of Southern Sudan.  The team has sent out this message:

"On July 9th, Southern Sudan will celebrate its Independence Day. This is a history making event and one that can turn this country toward Christ. The Baptist Mission of Southern Sudan invites you to join us for 8 days of prayer, starting on July 3rd going through July 10th."
Watch this video and then join us in prayer during this crucial time!


Well, I have found some new recipes that I just have to try. This time, the category is TRUFFLES. Man, don't you just love truffles? So much goodness in such a small package. Of course, my favorite version of a truffle is a cake ball. A funfetti cake ball with rainbow chip icing and white chocolate bark. Yes please. But these all look pretty delicious too. If you get the chance to try them before I do, let me know how they turned out!

Well, these just look delicious. First of all, vanilla. Second of all, cake batter. Third, sweetened condensed milk. Amen.

(Photo by The Girl Who Ate Everything)
If you want some great pictures of these truffles, check out How Sweet It Is and The Girl Who Ate Everything. The picture that caught my eye was by the latter. I mean, anytime you put chocolate, pretzels, and peanut butter together, you're going to have a hit. Am I right?

(photo by Love and Olive Oil)
Oh hi, you look amazing. Anything the words cookie and dough are used together and side by side, I am sold.

Welp, that's all I've got for now. But that's enough to keep anyone busy for at least one day.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

3 blogs you should follow

I love blogs. When people share what they are passionate about, I can't help but smile. I especially love when someone's personality comes out in his or her blog. Today, I am going to share with you three blogs that make me happy. When my Google reader shows that there are unread stories on these blogs, I do a little dance. Mainly in my head. But still. I love them, and, most likely, you will too.

 This is a cooking blog created recently by my beautiful friend, Kaitlyn. Not only is Kaitlyn doing an excellent job coming up with tasty recipes to feed her "beast" of a husband, but she is so funny while she is doing it. I am so impressed with her ability to cook healthy, meaty food. Follow this blog for yummy food and a smile.

When I first found this blog a few weeks ago, the first thing I noticed was their last name. It is the same as ours! Then I sat there hoping that somehow we were related so we could have an excuse to meet and be friends. Because they seem like a newlywed couple I would like to be friends with! Name twin friends, if you will.  They share plenty of healthy recipes, and about life between meals.

I was introduced to this blog pretty recently, and I have already learned so much about paint and refinishing furniture. I am so impressed with her stuff, and she gives pretty detailed instruction on how to do things.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

The story of the free tickets

There once was a girl named Haley, and her husband named Nick. They spent the summer living with their grandparents in Texas. One day, her uncle called. A man had given him four tickets to the Rangers game, complete with a season coupon for parking! The tickets were for right behind first base, under the second level, in the shade! There was much rejoicing!

The group got ready quickly, donning Rangers hats and red and blue, and headed toward the Ballpark. They made their way to a perfect parking spot across the street from the park. And again, there was much rejoicing!

Once inside, they sat down and relaxed in their lovely seats in the shade. There was as light breeze, and while the sun was blazing, they were safe. And there was much rejoicing!

And then the game began. And there were errors. And errors. And more errors. It ended up feeling like the longest game Haley and Nick had ever attended. And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But alas, there was hope. Nick found a coupon for five dollars off a purchase in the concession stand, so he got some nachos! And then Nick bought Haley a strawberry freeze! And there was much rejoicing once again!
But, the strawberry freeze wasn't enough to pull the Rangers out of their funk.  The group retreated for the comfort of air conditioning and watermelon when the score was 13 to 2, in favor of the Mets.
And once the AC was found and the watermelon was consumed, there was again much rejoicing.
Proof that my hubby has always been super good looking.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame!

Nick and I took advantage of discounted tickets through Baylor and headed over to the Ballpark in Arlington to watch the Rangers cream the Mets. And, since we live right by the Ballpark, it was quite an easy drive.

We sat in the shade the entire game. The Rangers won. They handed out free Dr. Pepper. There was a fireworks show.  All of these things contributed to a lovely date night!


A few weeks ago, Kaitlyn introduced me to Pinterest. I am addicted.  I have found so many recipes and so many diy projects... I can't even contain myself!

So. If you like finding inspiration online, and sharing inspiration with others... If you like super user friendly websites and extreme organization... Then get a pinterest!

And you can check out mine at Woot woot.


Nick and I traveled south to Waco this week, and had a grand time.

We walked around campus...

Visited the bears...

Enjoyed Common Grounds...

Relaxed on a swing...

And then it happened.  I was setting up the self timer on my camera so we could take a lovely picture in front of the science building. Nick was being silly, jumping off the stairs and coming up with different poses to try. All of a sudden, a gust of wind came out of nowhere and my camera, in slow motion, fell off its perch and down three concrete stairs.  The lens was stuck, halfway in the camera. In fact, it's still stuck. And my camera is useless. Boo.

After that, we went to La Fiesta with a friend from Rolla, and then meandered over to the Zamzows to spend the night.  That involved plenty of Big Bang Theory, Fro Yo, and Gilmore Girls.  Nick and I had the pleasure of sharing a twin sized bed.  It wasn't the first time, and it probably won't be the last. And it was better than sleeping on the floor or the couch. But perhaps the reason the divorce rate is so high is because too many couples sleep in twin size beds. And least that is what was going through my head the next morning.  I kid. Sort of.

Corey made some delicious cinnamon swirl muffins for breakfast. After indulging in them, we headed to Common Grounds to read before driving back to Arlington.

All in all, it was a great visit!