Saturday, March 19, 2011

Week 10

So I decided that I am going to try to at least do weekly updates on this thing... And since this is our 10th week of marriage, I am going to start at week 10... :)

We started off the week camping outside of Rolla.  There were plenty of smores eaten... even for breakfast.  Nick spent Sunday morning fly fishing and I read by the fire.

We learned about mutual funds and investments and such in our Dave Ramsey class.  Honestly, I had no idea what he was talking about.  Then we tried out Aldi's for grocery shopping for the first time! We saved a lot of money, and will definitely be going back.   I also got to have a phone date with Allison, which was pretty grand. We hadn't talked, besides texts, since my wedding.

The week went by pretty quickly.   On Monday, it snowed. I made cupcakes from scratch! I had never done that before, and while it was pretty time consuming, I was pleased with the result.  On Wednesday, it was in the high 60s.  I work from 8am until 1:30, and then again from 6:30-8:30 on Wednesdays, so I have a pretty big gap to rest and do my own thing.  Nick came home from campus and took me to a place he normally rock climbs!  We hiked around for a little while... I almost fell down a waterfall... And then he set up the hammock over a little drop off while he went and fished.  It was a great break from the apartment, and I just laid in the sun and read.  Then he had to come and help me get out because I couldn't do it myself, or I would fall down the drop off. Ha.

On Thursday, I got to skype with my lovelies, Rachie, Abbey, and Alyssa.  It was so great to be able to talk to them.  I miss having friends who know me well. Friday, I babysat Tucker, as usual, but he has pneumonia right now... After snuggling on the couch some, he went to bed and slept the entire time I was there... It ended up being nice because I worked on our Disney itinerary and got to watch Harry Potter and college basketball... two of my favorite things!

Today, Nick played intermural darts.  I had never heard of such a thing.  But he and his partner did pretty well! They didn't win, but they beat a lot of people... :)  While he was darting, I skyped with my dad, and got to see most of my family and all of the dogs.  Scooter is about to die.  I've been saying that for years, but I think it's really about time now.  Right now, Nick is playing disc golf and I am hanging out at the library.  Later, we are having a Lady Bears basketball watching parttayyy with grilling and, of course, Dr Pepper floats. I am SO excited.  I feel like I am finally able to pass along part of my culture... haha.

That's all for week 10.  1 week until Disney and Harry Potter world! weeee!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

bringing home the bacon


It's a beautiful day here in Rolla.  Nick surprised me during my break between jobs and took me to a cool spot where he likes to rock climb.  He set up a hammock for me and then spent some time fly fishing in the river. Definitely a fun break I needed.

I figured I would spend this time talking about my two jobs! I am so so so blessed to have them. 

The first is at Flip Flop gymnastics.  The gym is right next door to our apartment complex, so when the weather is nice, I can walk! I coach from pre-school to middle schoolers, with a bunch of different levels.  Most of my kids are super cute and fun to hang out with.  Honestly, some days I get really worn out working there, but I am learning to endure joyfully.  My boss has a two year old who I get to babysit every Friday, which I LOVE.  He is seriously one of the cutest kids I have ever met.

My second job is at a small day care.  I work 2 mornings and 2 afternoons there.  Getting up early for those two mornings is not pleasant, but once I get to work, I get to hold and feed babies, and read and play with preschoolers! It's basically the best job ever.  I am learning a lot about taking care of infants, which is awesome.  It definitely makes me miss Talitha Koum, though.  The kids are so fun and I love that since there are less than ten of them, I can get to know them all individually.

Nick is busy with his senior design project and finishing up his classes.  We still have no idea where we will be after May, but he has applied for a ton of jobs so hopefully we will know something soon!  We are heading to Disney World for our honeymoon in a week and a half and are SO excited. 

I will post more later about our latest adventures, but for now, I need to go get ready for work.