Saturday, September 17, 2011


1. Missing this guy a whole lot today. One and a half weeks, and we will be reunited and on our way to Providence! So exciting! I am definitely ready to get out of this "limbo" we have been living in since May.

2. Last week, I read the Hunger Games trilogy.  Twice. I finished them the first time and just wasn't ready to let go, so I read them again. I noticed a lot more things, especially about the themes. I am a huge fan of these books, and would recommend them to ALMOST anyone... over the age of fifteen, that is. And I am SUPER stoked about the movie coming out in March.

3. After I finished those books, I read Ender's Game. I definitely enjoyed it, and will be reading the rest of the trilogy when I get money for the books, or a library card!

4. Now, I am reading Same Kind of Different as Me.  I am almost done with it. I would also recommend this book to most people, although I can see that it would be a very difficult read for anyone who has lost a loved one, especially recently.

5. I started watching Switched At Birth tonight, because the first 10 episodes are all on Hulu... Well, let's be honest, it's an ABC Family show, which aren't the best quality. It's pretty unrealistic, and the parents of one of the girls are extremely annoying... BUT all of the ASL refreshes my vocab... I'll probably keep watching when I don't have anything else to do. I wasn't a huge fan of Vanessa Marano in Gilmore Girls, and am still not a huge fan now... but I LOVED Lucas Gabreel in HSM, especially the third one... that kid is talented. He needs to be on Broadway.

Anyway, that's really all I have for now. I have been feeling very uninspired recently. I need to get back to falling asleep at a normal time, instead of 3am. It's hard to fall asleep by yourself when you are used to someone being beside you. Even if they do steal the covers.

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  1. hi, dear! i am just letting you know that you won a word bubble from my blog from meggs! check my post of september giveaway winners and see your prize!

    love, polly