Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Year of Change

Happy New Year from Rhode Island! Can you tell we've been busy? We haven't posted in months! Since 2012 is almost upon us, here is a recap of this past year. It was definitely a big one.

Life Changes:
- We got married on January 8th!
- In May, Nick graduated from MST. Hooray!
- In June, Nick was offered a job planting a campus ministry in Providence, RI.
- In November,  got my first full time job as a residential caseworker! 

Dwelling Places:
- At the beginning of the year, I lived in Texas, and Nick lived in Missouri.
- On January 8th, I moved to Rolla, Missouri, to live with my new husband!
- During the summer, Nick and I lived in Kansas City, Arlington, and Plano with family.
- In October, we moved to North Providence, Rhode Island! It was one of the scariest, most exciting things I have ever done. But we love it here and have made so many lovely friends. 

Travels and Explorations:
- Early in the year, we visited Chicago for the first time. It was snowing, but still awesome!
- In March, we visited Disney World and Harry Potter World!
- In June, we took a road trip up to Providence. We visited Little Rock, Nashville, Washington DC, New York City, Providence, Boston, Niagara Falls, and Indianapolis during the trip.
- In August, we visited Denver for a few days, and then camped in Yellowstone with my Dad and brothers for a week.

This year has been absolutely amazing. I am so glad we traveled while we had the chance. This next year will be spent exploring New England and getting used to life in the Northeast. Please come visit!

Happy 2012, everyone! 

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