Monday, January 6, 2014


So I love Instagram. Most people these days do. It can make almost any photo look good. It keeps people updated on your life. And makes them jealous of all your adventures. Of course, there are downfalls to the Instagramtastic lifestyle. For instance: people don't Instagram their dirty houses, or their dirty cars. They don't Instagram the pile of dishes in the sink or the awkward doctors visits or the mundane job tasks. So it makes your life look awesome, when really your life is like everyone else's. Just looks pretty on Instagram. 

Anyway, I'm still a fan, keeping the fact that Instagram life is not real life. 

With that said, here are some of my favorite people to follow on the said Instagram. Enjoy!

This account is awesome because these women go through target and find AWESOME clothes, shoes, house items, and post about them. See something you like? Go to target ASAP and hope they have it! 

This guy goes around NYC and takes pictures of normal people and interviews them. Then he posts the picture with a quote. He never names them. It's awesome. 

I just love this gal's photography. Unique. Beautiful. 

Co-writer of the lifestyle blog, A Beautiful Mess, Elsie's pictures are so lovely! Love the pics of her home. 

Well, that's all folks! Who do you like to follow on insta?

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  1. What's YOUR instagram name?! I like following people I know that are living in places I have never been! Like traveling vicariously through you :)