Thursday, January 23, 2014

Try Something New: January

I haven't been able to post about my goals as a whole, yet. But today, I'm going to let you know about one of them!

Every month, I want to try something new. Just one thing, or more if I want. I like this goal because it is open ended. It doesn't have to be spectacular, just new! Makes life more of an adventure, right?

For January, I decided to make homemade tortillas. There were actually quite a few things I did this month that were new. But for this blog's sake, I will tell you about the tortillas! 

I found a recipe on Pinterest, which you can also find under my "Yum" board! This tortilla recipe called for flour, salt, water, and shortening. Some call for lard, which, if you find the right kind, would not have hydrogenated oils in it, but all we had was shortening at the time, so that's what I used. We are really trying to eliminate the use of partially and totally hydrogenated oils in our home. We check labels, buy all natural, and even switched from cooking with olive oil to using grape seed oil, since you can hydrogenate olive oil if you cook with it at a high enough temperature. 

Anyway... I couldn't get around the use of animal products or hydrogenated oils this time, although I am on the lookout for a way to make them without both. 

These tortillas took about 30 minutes to make, and really weren't hard to roll out very thin. I'm a big fan of thick tortillas, though, so I'd love to find a way to make them that way. They tasted so fresh! I really encourage you to try this too, if you haven't! 

Do you have a tortilla recipe you like? If so, please share!

I just want to thank you guys for reading my ramblings and allowing me to hold myself accountable with my goals in this way. I can't wait to talk about next month! Look for more goal posts soon! 

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