Thursday, August 7, 2014

2014 Summer Travels- Intro

As you probably know, Nick and I were able to travel across the Atlantic and spend a week or so in Europe. We took a gazillion pictures, with our phones and our camera, and I'm excited to share the details of our trip with you, here! It was seriously a blur! I hope that writing everything out will help me process and digest the trip, and remember the tiny details that made it so magical.

Here is a little outline:
Day 1: Fly overnight to Dublin, then to London Heathrow. Spend the day in London, then take a bus overnight to Paris.
Day 2: Paris and the Tour de France. Then a late train to Marseille.
Day 3: Marseille
Day 4: Cassis and an epic French dinner party
Day 5: Avignon and Chateau de Baux 
Day 6: Monaco, Nice, and St. Tropez
Day 7: Early train to Paris: The Louvre and The Arc de Triomph
Day 8: Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, and a late flight to Dublin
Day 9: Overnight stay in the Dublin airport, flight to Boston, try really hard to stay up till 8:30pm.

For the bolded part of the trip, we stayed with my French family at their home outside Marseille. They had mountain views and grapevines and and an outdoor eating area. It was so lovely.

Our hosts were so generous with their time and resources. They took us to so many amazing places and made sure we saw the best of southern France. Staying with them was such an incredible opportunity because it helped us feel like locals, not really tourists. We got to see how they live every day.


More later!

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