Saturday, September 25, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Kaitlyn

Today's Guest: Kaitlyn Renee Posey (almost Works!)

Kaitlyn started going to Coram Deo when we were in 9th grade, and honestly, most of us were not sure what to think of her. She was extremely outgoing and sociable, whereas I don't think I spoke for my first 6 years there. She got in trouble for not wearing shoes during class. All the boys loved her and she had tons of friends.
We were in most of the same classes that year and then probably all of the same classes every year after that, give or take a few. We played softball together until she hurt her shoulder. But until eleventh grade, we weren't really friends. That is, until the first annual All-Star debate. I will just take a minute to describe this so that everyone can get a good picture of what was said to be CDA's greatest sport. Each Upper School grade voted on 5 members to be part of an "all star" team to represent the class in a debate tournament. Kaitlyn and I were both selected to be part of that team. There is a lot more I could say about this experience, but I will just end with the fact that it is responsible for the first and only time I ever cried at school.
Anyway, we ended up spending more time together, both in and out of school. By the time senior year came along, I was talking more at school and actually had friends, but I spent most of my time in Flower Mound with Kaitlyn. We led a Bible Study together, had sleepless nights baking and watching Disney movies and preparing for debates together, and spent many many days and nights at our friend Caleb's house together.
After graduation, she moved to Tyler and I moved to Waco, and it was pretty sad, but we still managed to spend a lot of time together during breaks. She is hilarious and I love her 3 minute long phone messages. I am so blessed by her friendship and I love that she is a part of my wedding.

From Kaitlyn:
How do you know Haley?
I met Haley through the fine institution of Coram Deo Academy, which means 'in the presence of God' for those unfortunate enough not to have had Latin.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I would like to be an adult when I grow up.

What is your favorite past halloween costume?
My favorite Halloween costume was a peacock! I painted my face and everything.

What is your current obsession?
My current obsession is chilled swiss oatmeal, it makes me feel healthy.

What song do you most want to dance to at the wedding?
The song I most want to dance to at my wedding, is a secret.

Hollywood decided to make Nick and Haley's story into a movie. Who would play them?
I think Jake Gyllenhall and Reese Witherspoon would play the two lovers

What should Nick and Haley name their first pet?
Nick and Haley should name their first pet 'Consummate.'

What is your favorite memory involving Haley?
My favorite memory of Haley is probably when she surprised me and took me to Phantom of the Opera, and we had a sweet photo shoot at Fair Park.

Do you have any potentially embarrassing stories involving Haley? If so, please share.
Embarrassing stories of Haley, well this isn't embarrassing but I remember some certain boys in our class used to think she was SO stuck up, haha probably because she was always quiet and gave people weird looks when they did something ridiculous.

If Haley could eat one food for the rest of her life, what would it be?
I would make Haley eat nothing but children's food like gummies and goldfish, but I would redeem myself by letting her drink coffee from Common Grounds for the rest of her life.

What song will always remind you of Haley?
I frequently think of Haley when I listen to Tay Tay Swift. Her new song makes me so happy I listed to it 34 times in a row.

All-star debating...
Junior year prom!
Whole Foods!
Powderpuff champions

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  1. haha oh my gosh. I'm laughing out loud in my room, by myself....except for jax. haha jax. I miss our Bible study girls! I hadn't thought about that in so long.