Monday, September 27, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Nathan

Today's Guest: Nathan Thomas Dowd

Nathan and I haven't known each other very long, just over a year, but for as solid as our friendship is you would think it has been much longer. Nathan is one of those friends that will do anything for you no matter what he has going on, which if you didn't know is a great kind of friend to have.
One of my good memories with Nathan was when some of us we sitting in the basement of the house just talking until like 2 am and the next day Mike, Josiah and I were going to work a conference at Pine Cove and we talked Nate into going with us. It was a great time!!
Then we got to know each other more through midnight prayer groups and decided to lead a small group together which was awesome. This was Nathan's second semester at school when he decided to move out of a house of 40 christian guys in to the dorms so that he could better evangelize to the students on campus. It was great to see God working through him in that way. Then the end of that semester he pledged Delta Sig and started ministering to the greek community also.
Nathan truly has a heart for people and he is a great friend to have.

How do you know Nick/Haley?

I met Nick in the fall of 2009 in the middle of a battle. The ruckus started amidst shouts of "One-Twelve!!!" as the members of Room 112 (including Nick) came charging into my room, Room 111, starting a never-ending war between our two neighboring rooms. It was quite the way to meet someone.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a civil engineer that builds some of the coolest bridges ever seen all over the world!

What is your favorite past halloween costume?
Eh...I haven't been that creative in that area...sorry :/

What is your current obsession? (song, idea, food, article of clothing, etc.)
My current obsession is Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. I absolutely love what the fraternity stands for and I love each of my fraternity brothers, especially our new pledge class that I hope to mentor and grow in God's Word with!

What song do you most want to dance to at the wedding?

Hollywood decided to make Nick and Haley's story into a movie. Who would play them?
Nick - The Rock....because Nick's good at The Rock

What should Nick and Haley name their first pet?

What is your favorite memory involving Haley/Nick?
My favorite memory involving Nick was definitely the time we spent together leading our evangelism gel group. I know I learned a lot from Nick and I hope he had a good time too. It was great growing in our walk with Christ with him during that time.

Do you have any potentially embarrassing stories involving Haley/Nick? If so, please share.
Oh I wish...but I don't think so.

If Haley/Nick could eat one food for the rest of his/her life, what would it be?
Nick would eat steak or Papa Murphy's the rest of his life.

What song will always remind you of Haley/Nick?
"Hear Our Prayers" by The Glorious Unseen...It's a great song about the power of prayer which is definitely something I admire about Nick. He is so focused on prayer which is such a vital way to communicate with our Heavenly Father.

Apparently Nathan and I don't like to be in the same camera lens, so here are a few of him...

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