Saturday, April 9, 2011

Week 13!

Well, we just finished week 13 of marriage!

We got home from the airport at 2am on Sunday... It was cold, and pretty much a slap in the face compared to the lovely Florida weather.

Sunday morning, we started our month of volunteering with our church's children's ministry.  We are in charge of checking in the babies/preschoolers and taking them to their classes... Well, I take the children, while Nick stands there and looks pretty.  I'm going to have him carry one of the babies tomorrow.

Tuesday, our gel group discussed Godly Discipline.  We focused on prayer, study, and corporate worship.  I was seriously convicted and challenged.

My work schedule changed this month, so now I don't have to work at the daycare on MWF.  It feels like I have a lot more time on my hands.
Nick's week was pretty busy since he had a test, a presentation, and then his Fundamentals of Engineering exam today. 

On Thursday, we spent almost 2 hours at Walmart with Tyler, because they fail at life and wouldn't let us pick up these bunk beds for a lady who runs a battered women's shelter.  But some great conversation was had and we got to watch Tyler drive a scooter and hobble around like an old man because he blew out his knee. 

That night, he cooked us dinner since he made us wait at Walmart for so long... hooray for free dinner and tons of Big Bang Theory episodes.

Friday was a pretty lazy day... I made 5 dozen cookies. Not on purpose, that's just how many the batch made.  I babysat in the afternoon, which was great. Nick and Dan drove to Jefferson City to bring back Nick's motorcycle.  So then we got to go for a ride to fetch an appropriate calculator for the FE.  It terrifies me but is still pretty fun.

Today, Nick woke up early and went to take his exam. I've been praying for stamina and quick recall of everything he has learned these past 4 years. After he is done around 7 or 8, we will have a party! :)

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