Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 14!

Wow, week 14 of marriage! Crazy!

Well, the week started with church, college lunch, and Dave Ramsey on Sunday.

Nick was working hard on his senior design project, and I was able to help him out with some papers and editing and such. Monday night, which is normally date night, turned into me working an extra hour at the gym and Nick spending all night on campus working on his project.  Which meant I stayed at home and watched Friends and then fell asleep all alone. It was kind of sad.

On Tuesday, we had our last gel group, and discussed dependence.  It was a really good discussion.

On Wednesday, Tyler came over for dinner after I got off of work.  We had twice baked potatoes and rolls and something else that I can't remember... Anyway, then Leah and Kevin came over and we went to Sonic. And they kept us up 2 hours later than we normally stay up. haha.

Thursday, I started feeling really bad, but of course it was our busiest day.  Due to some miscommunication, Nick thought I had been kidnapped and we were 45 minutes late for CCF. But we got there in time for Tyler to announce to everyone that he is leaving CCF in the near future to move to Providence and start a college ministry there. But there will be another post on that later.  Nick had a soccer game right after, but they lost. Then we hung out with some friends until late, again.

On Friday, we made butterbeer cupcakes!! Leah had some people over to watch HP DH1, so we brought the cupcakes over and had "butterbeer" and pretzel wands.  It was definitely a jolly good time.  The cupcakes were pretty good but kind of complicated to make.

Saturday, Nick had a field trip to St. Louis.  He got to eat frog legs and drink raspberry beer.  Both things sound disgusting to me.  I had a three hour training for the day care, which I really enjoyed.  I have missed being in a learning environment.  Afterward, I hung out with Dan and some of his roommates. We played Mario on the wii and watched Cupcake Wars and Wizards of Waverly Place and skyped with Hope, Dan's girlfriend, who is in Italy! Then, Nick came back and we went and got Chinese food and brought it back to Dan's and watched House.

So basically, this week was a week for community!

Nick has 3 more weeks until he graduates! Woooohooo! Then we will be in Rolla for another 3 weeks, and down to Dallas for Kaitlyn and Joshua's wedding!

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