Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 15!

Well, this past week was full of surprises! Honestly, I don't remember a lot of the early part of the week, so I will just fill you in on the latter part of the week.

On Thursday, we packed up our stuff and headed to Texas after I got off of work.  My parents didn't know we were coming, so it was going to be a big surprise! After driving through storms, we finally got to Plano around 3:30am. Corinn had left the keys in the mailbox so we were able to sneak in and crash in my old room.

The next morning, we came downstairs, and surprised my mom and the rest of the fam. We went to lunch at El Norte and I got my fill on Tex Mex and delicious salsa.  Then, we went to Target and helped Callie find some new clothes.  Then, we went to Half Price Books and used the rest of a gift card on Emma, Little Women, You Are Special, and a Peter Pan popup book.  We spent some time at home and then celebrated my brother, Clay's birthday at Fuddruckers with some family friends. 

On Saturday, we went to REI, IKEA, and Old Navy. Then, we came back home and basically crashed.  I slept for a couple of hours while Nick went and played some disc golf at a park near by.  Then, we went to Chuy's with my dad and siblings. Man, I love that place.

On Sunday, we went to my old church, and then ate roast with my grandparents at home.  Then, we loaded back in the car with a ton of stuff, and headed back to Rolla, with a stop at Starbucks inbetween.  We left around 2:30 and made it back around 11:00.  The storms we drove through were incredible, although the drive was kind of scary for a little while.

Pictures to come later!

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