Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meet the Wedding Party: Luke Randall Jones

Here is Luke Randall Jones,

It all started my sophomore year of college, Jimmy and I were getting two new freshmen in our room we were kind of nervous for them, 204 had high standards! We all got settled in and started to get to know each other then Luke and I found that we saw things a bit different, part of it was I liked pestering him, so that first semester we were at each other like no other. After many nights of pillow talk, me perching on the edge of his bed ready to pounce, and late night McDonald's runs after face melting rock band concerts we came to love each other.
Over the years we have had our ups and downs, like he wasn't happy when I move out of the house, but our kayaking trips are always good when we can go. Oh and when we decide to change the room somewhere close to finals week and stay up most of the night, or when we change it after Luke has left because he would cry about it if he were there. He now has a motorcycle and once I get a new back tire that isn't about to unravel we can go for some fun rides.
Luke is an awesome guy and great friend. I am privileged to know him and hope he follows me where I get a job so we can still hang out.

How do you know Nick? I was lil Nicki’s roomie for a full year! Fun times.

What do you want to be when you grow up? I’m aspiring to be a biochemical engineer, but if that fails a professional hobo is my backup plan. Dream job: professional drummer.

What is your favorite past halloween costume? Travis Barker. Legit with lip ring and fake tattoos

What is your current obsession? I have a constant addiction to sweatpants. Tortilla wrapped turkey sandwiches that are microwaved.

What song do you most want to dance to at the wedding? Put on – young jeezy lol

Hollywood decided to make Nick and Haley's story into a movie. Who would play them? I don’t know very many actors/actresses. Nick should be played by adam sandler. I like adam sandler. Hayley should be played by Jessica alba. Because Jessica alba is pretty.

What should Nick and Haley name their first pet? Carmen (I don’t know but it sounds good) if you ever live in san diego you can always say “where in the world is Carmen san diego”

What is your favorite memory involving Nick? When nick spiderman perched on the railing of our beds and went crazy.

Do you have any potentially embarrassing stories involving Nick? If so, please share. Nope, never. Nick wasn’t the embarrassing person in our group.

If Nick could eat one food for the rest of hislife, what would it be? Bananas, he always had a lot of them.

What song will always remind you of Nick? Blueberry yum yum or college girls. Both remind me of nick

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