Wednesday, November 7, 2012

is fear my idol?

"The evil in our desire typically does not lie in what we want, but that we want it too much." 
[John Calvin]

Currently, I am going through a study with a group of women from Northpointe, called "No Other Gods: Confronting our Modern-Day Idols" by Kelly Minter. We are only a couple of weeks in, but it's been very challenging to work through what idols are in my life, and what drives us to have idols. 

I hope to share with you more, as we go through this study together. I have five minutes before I go to work, but I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts from the latest section that we have covered. We are discussing why we make idols, with fear being one of the reasons. 

I consider fear to be one of my main idols. It really drives most of what I do... But the author had an interesting point... Fear is not something we want in our lives. We have fear because we want something else... safety, security, etc. I need to continue to think this through, but what do you think about that? Is fear the idol that drives you, or is the lack of what you fear that is the idol? 

Either way, I was convicted by the statement she ended with: 

"Know that if God tells us not to fear, He will empower us not to fear."

 God has said to fear not, that He is in control and that He will fight over me. If I fear, I am disobeying Him. It's easier said than done, especially with an anxiety disorder, but I will pray for this every day. His Spirit, who lives in me, is one of power, not fear. 

((Breakfast date with the hubs this morning. Grateful.))

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