Sunday, November 25, 2012

vermont must be beautiful this time of year...

Well, I have finally been to all six New England states! (Which makes my total states visited 37! Exciting!) We took a trip up to Vermont to tour Ben and Jerry's factory and to take a few hikes! 

Ben and Jerry's is such an impressive company! They are fair trade, and only use the best and healthiest milk from local, Vermont farms. They are super involved in the community and make sure their employees are all serving as well. Everyone who worked there seemed so happy! Also, did you know that each Ben and Jerry's employee gets to go home with 3 pints of ice cream each day they work! I'm not really sure what I would do with that much ice cream, but Ben and Jerry's definitely makes employee satisfaction a priority. 

After Ben and Jerry's, we ate lunch at a tiny pub. It wasn't your average pub food... they only sold tacos and burritos! But man, was it delicious! Apparently, Vermont is really into their own version of BBQ, and we had some pretty tasty carnitas tacos and burritos. 

After lunch, we drove to Smuggler's Notch, Vermont, to go hiking. Now... Just so you can picture it, while we were in Ben and Jerry's, it began to snow. While we were eating lunch, it continued to snow rather hard. By the time we made it to Smuggler's Notch, the woods looked like a winter wonderland! We didn't make it very far on our hike, but it was definitely a gorgeous walk! 

After our walk, we drove around some of the ski resorts in the area. Vermont has some awesome resorts, and we were bummed that we live too far away to go snowboarding there often. 

Then, we made our way back to Rhode Island. I ended up falling asleep at 9, which was lovely. The end.


  1. I go to Vermont every summer with my family (who live in RI). We take an annual visit to Ben and Jerry's and also went go to Smuggler's Notch! We stay in Stowe at Trapp family. Such a beautiful place! :)

    1. We loved Stowe and the Stowe Mountain Resort! I loved Vermont so much!!
      Let us know when you guys come to visit your fam again, we should get coffee or dinner or something!