Thursday, November 8, 2012

the hurricane named sandy

So I am sitting on my couch all snuggled up under a blanket,  with a wood wick candle burning and Dave Barnes' Christmas album playing.  Snow has been falling outside for the last seven hours or so. I'm pretty sure it's already snowed more tonight than all the times it snowed in Texas when I was growing up. That might be an exaggeration, but I'm not really sure.

You see, we are in the middle of a little thing called a "nor'easter." For those who are unsure of what a "nor'easter" is, just as I was when we first moved here, this is the definition according to google. "A type of macro-scale storm along the East Coast of the United States and the Atlantic." Now... I'm not really sure why these storms get their own name up here... Is there a "Texa" or a "Mi'wester" storm? But anyway, basically there are high wind gusts, rain, and... snow! Which is great for those of us who have shelter and heat. However, it's quite a problem for the people along the coast who still have no power due to the hurricane. Definitely praying for those people during this time.

Speaking of hurricane, we survived Sandy! We were very blessed to be safe and have no damage to ourselves or our home. Due to the state of emergency, we didn't have work, so Nick and I got to enjoy a day together to play and enjoy at home. In fact, it was the first day in a LONG time where I just stayed home with no plans all day. I cooked dinner and dessert, even! There were a few times during the strong part of the storm where our house was literally shaking. That was a little scary, but again, there ended up being no problems in our area and our >100 year old house is still standing!

((The day before Sandy hit. The winds were picking up.))

((The hurricane gates closed by our house))