Wednesday, July 6, 2011

baking and building.

My hubby is pretty talented. He's good at lots of things, like cooking, and building, and fixing my hair for weddings. 
So, my grandparents enlisted him for building a fence. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity. So while he spent the day building, I spent the day baking. 

The delicious, ooey gooey cookie cake I made with white chocolate, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate chips.
And sprinkles.

 Sprinkles make everything better.

I also made Cookies and Cream Rice Crispy Treats from the Picky Palate.  While the idea of these is great, they were waayyy too dry. Either mini marshmallows are bigger in California or they just like their rice crispy treats more crunchy out there. I was kind of confused about the ratio, seeing that it was different from any other recipe I had ever used, but I decided to follow it anyway. And then I noticed that all of the blogs that "reused" her recipe added marshmallows or lowered the amount of crispies, so they obviously had problems too. So, word to the wise, if you make these, just use the whole bag of marshmallows. Other than being really dry and not very marshmallowey, they were good! :)

I went outside to check on my manly man, and he was done! Just putting the final touches on the fence.

And looking good while he was doing it, I might add. Nothing like a man in tie-dye, am I right?

The best part about a new fence is old wood for me to build with!! Hoorayy!!

We plan on building a headboard for our bed. And I am sooo excited about it. Know of any other good things to build out of old fence wood?

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