Thursday, July 7, 2011

birthday time!

I am now married to a 23-year-old.  Are you serious? I married an old man!
The day began with cake batter pancakes and bacon... and plenty of sprinkles! My grandparents surprised Nick with a lovely pineapple, and I bought him Reeses as a morning "gift".  To be totally honest, the pancakes were extremely dense, not light and fluffy. But they still tasted good.

 After breakfast, we went to play disc golf.  Nick loves disc golf. He plays very often. I, however, normally don't go with him. I can't get the disc to go as far, and it's really too hot to stand outside chasing a frisbee around for 18 holes. But it was his birthday. So I went.
 (I just realized that this picture looks like I have one giant leg. 2 legs, people, there are 2 there!)

 And I lasted 6 holes. No shame.

For lunch, we had Babe's Chicken to go. Talk about delish. We love Babe's!
Then we headed to Grapevine to meet some friends for dinner. But first, we stopped at Grapevine Mills. I took advantage of the 75% off sale at Old Navy and scored a pair of shorts for $6. Holler.
Then we met some dear friends, Bryce and Mike, at Baja's for some delicious Mexican food. But I was still full from Babe's. So I had a cup of queso. No shame. 
 Then Mikey came back to the house with us, while I made the birthday cake, they got snow cones and played fooze ball.
 Mike won. 
 And then Nick decided the best way to cut the cake would be with his teeth.
 Nothing like delicious angel food cake with fresh strawberries and creamy whipped cream!
 The next morning, Nick's gift came in the mail. LOST Season 1 on blu ray!

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