Saturday, August 20, 2011

Back from camping!

Hello from Texas!

We are finally back and adjusted from our trip to Denver and Yellowstone. It was pretty amazing to experience cooler weather for a week and a half. I think I went into shock yesterday standing outside in the 106 degree heat.

We spent four days in Denver before meeting my dad and brothers and driving up to Wyoming. We got to explore the city, and toured both the US Mint and the capitol. Nick has started collecting coins and was thrilled to see the mint.

When my dad and brothers got to Denver, we helped Aaron set up his new, little apartment. It's quite quaint. He starts school on Monday. Eek.

Then, we headed up to Yellowstone. We hiked, fished, explored, and had plenty of roasted marshmallows. I am pretty sure we saw every single bison in the park. Plus a ton of elk, a few deer, and five or six bears. Black bears are my favorite, naturally.

Then, after driving back to Denver, leaving my brother there, and driving all day to Texas, we made it to DFW at one in the morning on my birthday. Good thing I got to sleep in a bit! Still having trouble admitting I'm 23.

Coming up:
- Dinner tonight with friends for my birthday! So excited.
- Hopefully moving to Prov in 10 days! We still need financial partners as we plant a college ministry. Click HERE for more info.

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  1. Your trip looks like it was so much fun!

    My husband and I just moved from Colorado Springs and got up to Denver a few times. We loved the weather, although, we are from Michigan so 106 degrees is something we never have to deal with!

    Thanks for visiting & following my blog! I love making new blog friends, so I am really excited to read all about you! I hope to see you around my blog again!