Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Favorites


 Yellow Songbird is written by Kim, a fellow Texan who is living in Colorado with her husband. I love her blog because she is honest and creative. We also share many friends, which  makes me feel somewhat connected to her in a way. And, just one more connection: She and her hubby are living in Colorado planting a church, and since my hubby and I will soon be living out of state planting a college ministry and partnering with a church plant, I feel like that is a pretty huge similarity. She has a cute shop, Oh, Sweet Joy. You should check it out.

 I first heard about Sseko Designs because Cameron, one of my fellow Baby Ruths, has been living in Uganda working for them. Cam and I haven't talked in a while, but I am a stalker and found out somehow. Ha. I don't have my own pair yet, but hopefully that will be remedied soon! They are so cute and I love how you can tie the straps so many different ways. I also love that Sseko helps young women from Uganda continue their educations by giving them employment.

 Since we are in a time of transition and life change, I think I have been doing a lot of remembering. Obviously, I have a lot of favorite memories, but I will just share one today. It was spring of 2009, and I was sitting in a Waco police car, participating in a required ride along for my Forensic Psychology class. I was absolutely terrified, because this was in the middle of my depression/anxiety semester, and, in the same class that this was required for, we learned that police officers have higher percentages of domestic violence, rape, etc., because of the stress of their jobs. So I am just sitting in this cop car, driving through the ghetto of Waco with a strange police officer, dwelling on what we had been learning in class. And then my phone starts ringing and ringing and ringing. It's Allison, but I can't answer it. She keeps calling and texting and I am freaking out because I think something terrible has happened. Finally, I am able to call her back. Our lovely friend Lindsey was getting engaged the next day and Lacey, Abbey, and I had to rush to College Station to be there for it! It was a pretty epic adventure. The following pictures are from the engagement. Now, Lindsey and Stephen live in Tennessee and have a beautiful baby girl, Abi. I am so grateful we got to be there for the beginning of their story.

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  1. "Is Allison hurt?" haha no just too excited for words! Best memory.