Monday, August 1, 2011

Marriage Mondays

I've decided to start posting about marriage on... Mondays! It seemed convenient since I thought of it on a Monday. And everyone loves a little alliteration.

Anyway, after 7 months of marriage, I am no expert, but I can share what we discover along the way, right?

During our premarital counseling, Nick and I read Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  While the author gave many great suggestions, one that has really stuck with me is the following: Have contempt for contempt.

When you start spending a significantly large amount of time with someone, it is easy to get annoyed with certain qualities that person may possess. We all have certain ways we like to do things. And, more often than not, there are some differences between two married people and how they like to live.

Once you start to dishonor your spouse and despise the things they do that drive you crazy, you hold them in contempt. And then it just gets worse. EVERY time they do that thing, it becomes so easy to focus on it and how much it bothers you.

But Thomas urges newly weds to have contempt for contempt. This means that I must keep myself from rolling my eyes when my husband does something that bothers me. In fact, I must despise the desire to do so!

I pray that I will continue to honor my husband and the way he does things. Especially if it's not how I would have done it.

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