Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Favorites

Well hello! Sorry it has been a while. This week has been crazy. Curve balls all over the place! After I mention my favorites for this week, I will share an update on the Jensen fam.

Favorite Christmas Idea: Stockings made from burlap
 (Both photos found at HGTV dot com)

Nick and I got married 2 weeks after Christmas, so this year will be our first Christmas as married people! Hooray!  I realize that Christmas is a few months away, but it's never too early to start thinking about decorations! I love this idea and could easily sew some for our new home. Plus Nick likes them too, which is always a plus. :)

Favorite Workout
Pinterest is so wonderful. This workout popped up on my feed, and Nick and I did it yesterday. Minus the 10 minute run, because I don't have running shoes with me here in Texas. So he rode the stationary bike and I walked on the tredmill in TOMS. ha.

This morning, both Nick and I were pretttty sore. Mind you, I haven't sufficiently worked out in quite a while, besides hiking in Yellowstone. Anyway, I am a fan. 

Favorite Free Sleeperstar/Jillian Edwards Concert
I am so so excited about this. If you have never heard of Jillian Edwards, please click on her name and check out her lovely music. She was a year behind me at Baylor, and would lead worship at UBC when dc*b was on tour. She is absolutely precious and I love her music. 
On September 9th, Sleeperstar is having a fan appreciation concert at House of Blues Dallas, and Jillian will be there. If you order tickets HERE before September 5th, you can get as many as you want for FREE. Holler!

And now, a short update: 
We were supposed to be in Missouri at this time, and moving to Providence on September 30th. However, the apartment we thought we would be living in became unavailable to us, and we found out 2 days before we needed to leave for Missouri. As you might already know, during this time of transition, we have been living with my grandparents in the DFW. Last week, my Papa fell and broke his femur near the hip. He had to have surgery and is now at a rehab hospital. He is doing GREAT. However, Nick and I felt very uneasy about leaving my grandparents during this time. We were still planning on moving, and then the apartment fell through. The lofts had another apartment available, but it would be over $200 more a month, which is not in our budget. So, we decided put a hold on a cheaper apartment with a move in date for the beginning of October and stay and help my grandparents for the next month.  We have been trusting in God's timing with those whole thing. His timing has definitely been a comfort over the past couple of days with news of the hurricane heading toward the Northeast.  Rhode Island is preparing for an emergency, and I am grateful we will not be moving in the middle of a tropical storm.
So, a summary: We will be in Texas for another month... God is good... Pray for my Papa and his recovery.

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