Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Projects lately: Kindle case

My lovely hubby and his parents got me a kindle for my birthday. I LOVE it. I am a huge fan of actual books, but having dozens of reading options on hand is so great, especially on long trips or during months of time where all your books are packed and you feel so sad without them.

Anyway, I needed a case, and I didn't want to pay some outrageous price for one. So the hubster and I decided to make one. Here it is:

 Yep, we used an old book. Don't worry, it's an abridged version. Who wants those? Anyway, we found Anne of Green Gables for less than $3.00 at Half Price Books. It was a perfect size! Holler!
 The hubster cut out most of the pages to fit around my kindle.  He left it on creepy crying Anne. He thinks it's funny.
 We made sure the bottom was left open for the volume, charger, etc. Then, I used homemade modge-podge and "painted" the inside and outside pages three times. It worked really well!

Then, Nick drilled holes in the right side of the back part of the case. He tied knots in the ends of a piece of elastic, and inserted the ends into the holes. When the case is open, the elastic is on the back cover.  When I am done reading, I can pull the elastic over the cover to hold the top in place, as you can see in the first picture. Hooray!

SO, this Kindle case cost less than $5.00. SCORE.

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