Thursday, June 23, 2011


Over the past couple of days, I have stumbled upon 4 different pancake recipes that I am now dying to try! I figured I would post them here so others can enjoy them and so I can remember to make them!

How can you resist something like this? Oh my gosh. The sprinkles... the glaze... it's perfect.

These are more healthy than I am used to... I mean, let's be honest... But they look so good. Anything with "vanilla bean" in the name has my vote.

Back to the sugary options! I doubt I could make them look this great... But I am sure they will taste fine!

And ending on a healthy note... The orange is what caught my eye with these... Can't wait to try them!

For those who have the Pioneer Woman cookbook, I can actually recommend her sour cream pancakes. They are great! And I don't like sour cream! If you don't have the cookbook, you can easily do a google search and find multiple people who have reposted her recipe online.

And speaking of cooking, has anyone ever had rhubarb pie or cobbler? I have stumbled across a few different recipes for pie, cobbler, and shortbread recently, but I have never had rhubarb, so I am a little nervous to try it. But the pictures make it look so good!


  1. my parents used to grow rhubarb in a garden when I lived in CO. It is tangy, sour, and super unique. TRY IT!

  2. rhubarb cobbler totally freaks me out. hot fruit that looks like celery.

    i just can't get behind that.
    but you guys know that i don't like cobbler. ew. sick. i try.