Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I will write about our road trip after this post. I just want to fill yall in on the Providence part, first.

Our trip to Prov was great! We got to see the ocean and eat fresh fish and chips. We visited Northpointe Christian Church, a recent church plant that meets in a movie theater. The people there are so lovely... We had multiple meals with them and got to spend some quality time around the fire roasting marshmallows.
On Monday, a real estate agent who goes to the church drove us around all of Providence and its suburbs.  He told us about different neighborhoods and schools. It was a great way to see all of the city. I loved all of it. The buildings have so much character and the place is full of history.
There is a section of Providence called Federal Hill, that apparently has all these amazing places to eat. A lot of it is authentic Italian food. Our tour guide said that you can't pick a bad place to eat there.  So, on Monday night, we decided to try it out. We walked around and found a yummy pizza/pasta/wraps place.  And the atmosphere of the entire area was so cute.
Doesn't it remind you of Italy at Epcot?

Anyway, on Tuesday, we walked around the Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design campuses. I LOVE that side of town. Brown is so unique, the buildings look like old New England houses... You can't even tell you are on a college campus at some points, it just looks like you are walking through a neighborhood.

So, although you probably know, for this blog, we are officially moving to Providence, Rhode Island this fall! Nick will be part of the Sojourn Collegiate Ministry's Providence team.  Please check out our website by clicking HERE.

As for right now, our timeline is kind of fuzzy. Currently, we are working on raising support. Before we can go out there, we have to raise $30,000. We are praying fervently for supporters to step forward as we start letting people know about our next adventure. While any gifts are greatly appreciated, we are especially praying for monthly supporters, since we will definitely be out there for at least two years. We would love for the people who have invested in our lives in the past to come along side us for the next two years while we are in Rhode Island.
We are hoping to move out there in late August or September, but it really depends on how fundraising goes.

If you are reading this and would like more information about how you can partner with us, check out our website or email us at nick.haleyjensen@gmail.com.  We would love to meet with you and discuss our next great adventure!

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