Tuesday, June 28, 2011

a jigsaw is a girl's best friend

We have been exploring the world of carpentry here at the Jensen/Purdy residence. It's been a pretty exciting time. Reason #3402 why I love my hubby: He is my partner in crime and crafting.

The other day, I had a strong urge to make some wooden letters. So, we got out the wood and the jigsaw.  I drew the letters out how I wanted them, and he cut them out with the saw.  Then I sanded them down and erased the pencil marks.
Nick did such a lovely job, I was so thrilled. He followed the lines exactly, which I think is so fun, because it looks like my handwriting! Then, I had to decide on a color... I tried out a couple on the back of the h. And then I painted.
I really like the color, I think they will go well in our living room. I wanted something happy and sunshiney.  I plan on adding some ribbon to the back to hang them later on.  I have also thought about picking out a stamp and making a pattern in a slightly darker yellow.  Any suggestions?

On a side note, I spotted this guy hanging out when I went out to take a picture of the painted letters. Bugs like this make me wonder what would happen if I touch them. Would it hurt? Or just feel fuzzy?

Peace, love, and jigsaws.

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