Thursday, June 30, 2011

love wins.

Today, I finished this:
It was quite the team effort. First, I drew out the words on paper until I had them how I liked them. I cut them out, and traced them onto the wood.

 Then, my lovely hubby used the saw to cut out the words. It took a while. He is diligent.

 The word "love" took a little more effort. For the l, o, and e, Nick had to drill holes before he could get the saw into the letters to take out the middles.

Then I sanded them down. And went outside to take a picture.
 Oh hey, I turned around to see my manly man building a fence.

Anyway, I then proceeded to glue the words to a canvas. I used hot glue but there probably is a better way.

On a slight side note, I spotted this lovely tomato growing in my Icee's garden while I was outside. I want to have a garden!

I recruited the hubster to spray paint for me. He did a fabulous job.

And I was left with this. I'm a fan.