Saturday, June 25, 2011

The story of the free tickets

There once was a girl named Haley, and her husband named Nick. They spent the summer living with their grandparents in Texas. One day, her uncle called. A man had given him four tickets to the Rangers game, complete with a season coupon for parking! The tickets were for right behind first base, under the second level, in the shade! There was much rejoicing!

The group got ready quickly, donning Rangers hats and red and blue, and headed toward the Ballpark. They made their way to a perfect parking spot across the street from the park. And again, there was much rejoicing!

Once inside, they sat down and relaxed in their lovely seats in the shade. There was as light breeze, and while the sun was blazing, they were safe. And there was much rejoicing!

And then the game began. And there were errors. And errors. And more errors. It ended up feeling like the longest game Haley and Nick had ever attended. And there was weeping and gnashing of teeth.

But alas, there was hope. Nick found a coupon for five dollars off a purchase in the concession stand, so he got some nachos! And then Nick bought Haley a strawberry freeze! And there was much rejoicing once again!
But, the strawberry freeze wasn't enough to pull the Rangers out of their funk.  The group retreated for the comfort of air conditioning and watermelon when the score was 13 to 2, in favor of the Mets.
And once the AC was found and the watermelon was consumed, there was again much rejoicing.

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